Tuncurry Bowling Club was founded on 28 September 1955 at a meeting of some 50 keen bowlers at the Bellevue Hill Hotel. These men wanted to create a bowling club in their own community as, without a bridge across the entrance to Wallis Lake, it was difficult for them to get to Forster Bowling Club. They enthusiastically invested their savings to ensure their club became a reality and many local people donated their time and resources to help build the first green and clubhouse.

From the time of the opening of the first green in 1957 the popularity of Tuncurry Bowling Club grew steadily. Over the years the club experienced a regular increase in members and visitors and became a successful and profitable club, able to provide a range of amenities and social activities for its members. As its finances were secured by the growth in income, the committee confidently embarked on a number of improvements and extensions to the club.

Since its formation, the primary purpose of teh Tuncurry Bowling Club was to promote the game of bowls. From the beginning the members took their sport very seriously and set out to be competitive with other clubs in the area, regularly entering and winning Pennants in the district. Over the years the club achieved many local honours and had a number of champion bowlers in its ranks.

Tuncurry Bowling Club now has over 8,000 social and bowling members, a large modern club house and three greens. It is amalgamated with Sydney-based St Johns Park Bowling Club which has increased investment in the club and improved the range of services and benefits for members and visitors.


  • The club was founded at a meeting at the Bellevue Hotel on 28 September 1955
  • The first Annual General Meeting of the club was held on 1 August 1956
  • The club was officially opened on 23 March 1957
  • The first Associate members were approved on 15 October 1957
  • The official opening of the clubhouse took place on 15 February 1958
  • The bridge to Forster opened on 24 July 1959
  • The second green was officially opened on 19 March 1960
  • First major extension to the clubhouse and the third green were officially opened on 18 March 1967
  • At the AGM in August 1972 the members voted to change the unincorporated Tuncurry Bowling Club to a limited liability company
  • Further extensions were opened on 17 March 1977
  • On 17 November 1979, major renovations and an extension to the club were officially opened
  • In 1980 the income of the club reached $1 million
  • A further renovation project was undertaken in 1995
  • The club amalgamated with St Johns Park Bowling Club Ltd in 2001